EHSP field tests in America have proved successful, and in a few short years, EHSP has won end-user acceptance with many operators in the mining and quarry industries. The savings in labour and increased production through fewer changeouts of wear plates has enabled maintenance personnel to channel their labour to other areas.

EHSP contains titanium carbides that have a hardness of 3200 vickers. These particles are dispersed throughout the steel plate during manufacture. This gives EHSP a superior abrasion resistance when compared with plates with similar or higher Brinell (BHN) hardness. This plate can replace 400, 450 and 500 BHN in a large number of applications.

Features of EHSP

  • Produced by world leaders in wear plate technology
  • Excellent flatness
  • EHSP can be successfully stud welded with a localised preheat of 150°C.
  • The titanium particles added to the steel have a hardness of 3200 vickers.
  • Using thinner plates as liners for dump truck bodies EHSP, can offer significant weight reductions to achieve greater payloads.
  • Outstanding wear life
  • User friendly for welding and working.

EHSP has been dramatically successful in extreme environments which call for higher abrasion resistance than 500 BHN. Conventional wear plate design is based on the assumption that abrasion resistance rises as the hardness of the steel increases. This gives rise to problems in practical application since weldability and formability decreases with an increase in hardness beyond that of the 500 grades.