Everhard C400 Wear Plate is available from all Total Steel branches

Everhard C400 Wear Plate

With a guarantee minimum surface hardness of 370 brinell (BHN), Everhard C400-LE has replaced the more conventional Everhard 360-LE.

Everhard C400-LE is thru-hardened abrasion resistant steel, free of mill scale and offers good ductility. With excellent flatness and low in carbon (CEQ), this product is easily welded using conventional welding methods and low hydrogen consumables using no preheat.

During the manufacturing process, a fine grain size is achieved combining a micro-alloying technology with a controlled heat treatment. The micro structure improves low temperature toughness and cold formability and reduces the possibility of delayed cracking.

Everhard C400-A is designed for applications where high impact may cause problems. This is available from 60mm up to 100mm thickness.


  Technical Information

Waste management

  Applications Dump truck liners
Chutes and hoppers
Earthmoving buckets
Ground engaging tools
Cutting edges
Crusher liners
Screw conveyors
Garbage trucks
Grizzly bars
  Sizes Available

EH-C400: 5 mm thickness

EH-C400-LE: 6 mm - 32 mm thickness

EH-C400: 40 mm - 50 mm thickness

EH-C400-A: 60 mm - 100 mm thickness

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